I am pleased to introduce myself professionally qualified as a certified forensic handwriting expert, certified Graphologist, trained fingerprint analyst, certified question document examiner, certified forensic psychologist, criminal profiler, certified forensic accountant and fraud examiner, trained vimala alphabet practitioner having an experience of total 15 years in the field of handwriting verification and analysis.

have conducted workshops and seminars for corp orates on the signature making and its importance&how to avoid signature,handwriting and document frauds, interview and interrogation technique etc

My 20 articles have been published by Times Of India NIE (News In Education) in the year 2007-2008 under the column name script watch, wherein I used to advise children on the nature and character based on the handwriting and signature. Articles can be checked on my website

have conducted signature making and handwriting improvement workshops for Mahesh tutorials pvt ltd across their 41 branches in Mumbai covering more than 1200+ students and 300 plus staff

in the year 2018 month of May and June

My reports are also been accepted by Honorable High Court of Bombay and many law firms on regular basis as a handwriting expert since last five years.